Various services designed to meet each clients individual needs.

Each staff is required to attend extensive training to ensure quality service.

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Acceptance and Understanding

"Worth Resolving worked with our family during a difficult time. Between the in-home workers and the drivers, I was always treated with patience and respect." - Jane Perez

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Connections last a life time

"I had a youth worker from worth resolving for 4 years, and looking back the time we spent together was such an important part of my teens." - Mike Young

About Us

Our Mission

Worth Resolving Youth & Family Services believes that all people "do the best they can with what they know and have" and occasionally require the resources and supports to improve their personal and familial levels of functioning. Worth Resolving Youth & Family Services endeavors to achieve equilibrium in all of the programing: access balanced with safety; supervision balanced with independence; crisis intervention balanced with client mastery and, the promotion of values based on honesty, integrity and compassion.

Our Values

Worth Resolving Youth & Family Services believes it is important to renew the spirit and instill hope in clients by providing professional services for all people. Through this professional approach to programs and services, we help restore and renew a sense of family, competency, integrity, and values; thereby, bringing the return of balance and wellness.

Our Services

Services provide children, youth and families with continual guidance and support in a safe setting while encouraging a safe environment

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Who Are We

We offer unique and supportive programming to assist in the children, youth and their families

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Our Beliefs

Worth Resolving Youth & Family Services believes in the importance of maintaining connections within the family and our clients larger community in order to stabilize behaviour; enhance the self-worth and dignity of each individual and promote healing of childhood neglect, abuse and trauma. Our guiding principle is to involve our client's community holistic healing and family values and concrete approaches to maintaining connections with unconditional acceptance and guidance. Worth Resolving Youth & Family Services is committed to giving children, youth and families a service that will provide for their physical, social, education, medical, familial and cultural needs.

About Us

CAC Accredited

Worth Resolving Youth and Family Services works hard everyday to to meet and exceed accreditation requirements. Through consistent training, sense of integrity, honesty and responsibility; We ensure that our clients receive the best possible service available.